Mid August Check in

Well sports fans Al here the latest:SHOWS:

Yep, and here I thought that a art show was not going to happen till the BIG 500 later this year. Boy was I wrong about that. As it turns out the last show that I had over NWIPA earlier this year did not go unnoticed by other organizers of show here in the metro PDX area. One such person is Chris Habberman. If you l don't remember Chris is also the organizer of the BIG 500 shows here in Portland OR. As well as a number of smaller shows around town and other surrounding areas. He has been generous with offering shows to me over the last couple of the years. Besides that he is a great person to talk to always looking for a good punch line for a comment and a laugh.

But that aside from it the sight of the art work that would move you.
And he felt that my art work along with two others would fit rather well into the a cafe called the Painted Lady. https://www.facebook.com/Painted-Lady-Coffee-House-389805277736518/
And the name of the show called “Triage Bizarre.”
And there is more to come in the form of a image of Oliver Reed for old friend of mine.

After nearly two years of not being in my hands the Dragon Boat Race returns home. This has been an odd sort of story. But the short of it is the lack of making connection with the limited time schedules that creators and promoters have when there is is either a drop off / pick up.
Now most cases I would say I've been pretty good about pick ups (and even better where is cash involved) but in this case timing has been always off by either hours or even days!
Now luckily I have a curator who happens to be a friend of mine so it's been cool but it is time for it come home.

SO with the commissions being done by friend Steve Coppin doing crossovers hit me as it did him that I should put both the Space Nubile and Satan's Robot into one image with some slight suggestive ideas added. This would be like the old pin-ups of the 40's and '50's.
And since that is what Sady Starkiss was based on originally it sounded fun. So a world has been made to fit these into. Loosely fitting based on Barbarella comics of decades past. So there is a lot of cheese cake going on.
My thinking is making a trading card kind of set. Maybe even with a gold foil or silver foil specialty card.
Just dreaming, I guess.

And that is about it for the kid, and I am outta of here.