Alan Bennett

Growing up I was heavily influenced by sci-fi movies and television of the 1950’s and 60’s, as well as the “Sword and Sorcery” movies and books of the 1970‘s and 1980’s.  I loved anything that twisted and distorted reality.

I had a natural gift for drawing, and in art school I learned many artistic techniques that could be applied to my stand-alone scratchboard pieces.  I am extremely motivated and a self-starter, so I’m always working towards a new plateau in the medium.  Scratchboard is it for me.  I imbibe the work with serious content and distort the masses!

I breathe, think, and sleep art.  My work reflects many of my passions and interests. 

I am many different things to many different people.

People these days when looking at the artwork they often ask why there is no back ground to the work being presented.  I tell them to me the background of a image takes away from the visceral feeling when you look my artwork.  I want you to get caught up in the moment of what the character is feeling and doing.  Let your mind fill in the blanks. 

-Alan Bennett