New Comics?

The strangest thing happens every couple of years and I think that I am listening to my inner child saying "Hey, you should do another comic book".

I guess that is exactly what I am doing and I will throw myself headlong into a new story to keep going. 

The last comic book project I was working on was a Robot Monster mini series that was taking a huge leap of faith to get out. I have yet to finish that book off. BUT now Corpse Cop back into the fold. Here I thought that I was done with the work that I had done with my comic books after the last Corpse Cop book was done about 2 years ago so I could focus on my commission pieces but since those are few and far between I still need to keep a practiced  hand with the scratchboard. Though the Richard Parker project still continues on it is a slow work when coming to figuring out how to tell a story with just images. I'm sure that the Ancient Egyptians inscribers of tombs probably went mad at some point. I'm sure that I am in the same boat. Or at least has been pointed out to me by other professionals in the illustrative community. 

And the other thing is to the Copyrights to the character. I try to turn out a comic every couple of years to keep the name and character alive. Which is kinna funny in this case as he is a zombie after all.


Corpse Cop Page Transfer001.jpg