Been a dogs age...

Hey there sport fans Al here with the latest:

ITS BEEN A DOGS AGE since I have written any blogs and this seemed like the perfect day to write what has been going on with the BOX since last time I posted.

WELL… there have been some new developments when it comes to the website!

That has been the biggest change up for me. I had been so conformable with the Flavors web provider for the last couple of years as well as the price it was costing me per year.

But everything changes and the website was one.

So you see a new format for presentation of work, cost for printing and so on.

I had been lucky enough not to be bothered with shows I wanted to get into or being asked into shows I had not even thought about.

On top of that, commissions had been super slow up till about two weeks ago and within two days I had been hit up for work from three different people. I may even have a forth one coming up for some odd ball kind of work designing the inside of a bill of a baseball cap!


Anyway, things are changing even the home life stuff is changing for me. Like moving in with my awesome girlfriend. But all the stress that goes with that.


The Underwater Adventurer that is Richard Parker. And he has as come back with a vengeance! With in a month and half I have turned out another 8 (and counting) new pieces for him. I have no intention of stopping on working on him. I still have a long story to tell but found that there will be great transition for what he experiences with the bends a.k.a. underwater diving decompression.

But unless you are looking for it you won’t know for sure.

It was one way of being able to address why there were mermaids and other creatures of the deep influencing the life of Richard Parker.

All of it should make for a great visual story when it is ready printing.


As I said there are a number of commissions that are coming up that could be fun to do and I have already started working on one to get going.


But that is about it for the kid here, just wanted you to know that I hadn’t completely fallen of the face of the Earth just a lot of things going on all at the same time.