December Blog and getting close to the end of the year

Hey there Sports Fans Al here with the latest:

Again a long gap between postings but as I have mentioned numerous times over on that REAL LIFE sometimes can really spin you around like a top or better yet like a gyroscope!

After righting myself upright again in looking at getting back on board with these blogs and regular postings.

Hopefully I'm not being over optimistic in this. But from times past I know that if there is still a little bit to go I know I am not far off from achieving what needs to be done.

Art shows have and commissions have consumed me over the last few months pushing Richard Parker's story and Robot Monster's as well.

But as those are getting back too my mind looks forward to something in the Future.


Exploration. As in Space Exploration.


When I started let my mind wonder about exploration ideas started to run through my unconscious as I scoured the internet for images that were associated with Stanley Kubrick 2001:A Space Odyssey. And what I came up with was rather interesting as I was thinking that Dave Bowman may have eventually devolved never quite becoming the evolved being that was depicted in both 2001 and 2010.


There was a line that I had heard a bit on YouTube as I was scouring for info on the TARS robot in Interstellar and had forgotten I had read in Arthur C. Clark’s 3001: The Final Odyssey.

The line is “They didn’t build space ships, they were space ships.”

Just that alone made mind explode and go into overdrive about what I wanted to do for art. It was crazy to think that a single spoken line would spark things back into creative mode after all of the other stuff I was dealing with here and getting things ready for art shows that are going on right now and next year.

The first was the idea of transferring the mind consciousness itself into a virtual immortal body then another idea had hit me a little more closer to this century if mankind were to leave this biosphere and what had allowed mankind to evolve here what would happen to the body over long years in space? Would your physical body undergo some massive genetic change to adapt to space?

Then I thought about a Larry Niven story I had read about the inhabitants of a space exploration had begun to devolve into a more primitive state of existence.

What if the change in Commander Dave Bowman into the Star Child reverted back to a more primitive state physically but allowing the mind to grow because of the physical demands needed to cope in space.

And of course like with all creative minds what if HAL 9000 was mobile? Again I thought of the TARS robot from Interstellar and realized the mixing bowl that is my brain was stirring up a lot f cross overs and I should stop at least to put a image to it.

Ah the mind.

You see this is how my mind works by association.


Well without boring you to death I will just finish off this current blog for more later.


And I am outta here.