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A July Statement

A July Statement

Hey there sports fans, Al here with the latest:
Now as you have noticed that blogging has been excidedantly sporadic over the last year. 
Several factors have added to this least of all as far a blog and a website tied together. Atop that like I have talked about at the other Tales for the Scratchpad at real life gets in the way. No more true of that than changing jobs, moving out and in. All of it. 
But there has been definite image being produced for Black Box Visual Arts. 
There has been some push back from people who want a real cheep illustration. 
With an emphatic "NOPE!" That wasn't going to happen. 
As much as doing commissions for cash helps get things done and out of the way for debt, debasing myself from the years of doing illustration and getting screwed in the process of the work does not set well for me. 
Nor the the experience or this word which come up recently that is becoming one of the words I HATE.

The word is "EXPOSURE".

I think that a lot of people who use that word use it like bait. Now NOT all people use that word for ill but mean it for well intention young artists whom are starting out. BUT for the those practiced individuals who have been around the block a few times selling artwork the term exposure becomes a slap in the face so you can take advantage of a artist's talent that they have honing for years and in some cases decades to be where they are at - to save a buck.
If you want OK art work you pay mediocre, if you want kick ass, you pay high. 
Of course these are not always the norm but generally they are.
So, thank you. I got that off my chest!
There are a couple of images that I wanted to post about The Corpse Cop scratchboard comic book project. It of course like every other art project that I do takes a long time to work on. Just look at the time that "The Watery Adventure of Richard Parker" has been being worked on.
Anyway there you have it and I hope you enjoy it.

I am outta here.

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